Monday, June 23, 2008

Side effects

I went to the eye doctor this evening after work because I noticed on Saturday night some serious blurring in my left eye, and this after a lot of redness a few weeks ago and ongoing sensitivity and watery eyes at night, etc. I thought originally it was just more severe allergies than normal this spring, but it turns out no, it's another side effect of pregnancy. Seriously? Apparently so. I never heard of this before, but the cornea can decrease in sensitivity and be much more easily irritated and damaged by contacts. That's what has happened to me. (The optometrist scolded me for not coming in sooner, but last time I brought it up with the obstetrician he thought it didn't look so bad - at least I came in as soon as the actual vision problems started!) The doctor prescribed some drops I'm supposed to take for the next week, which will hopefully clear up the problems with my eye and let me see clearly again. Everything seems to say be careful with using the drops during pregnancy, but it's okay if they are necessary. I'm glad there's a solution, but I'm off contacts indefinitely, which I can't help feeling somewhat grumpy about. My glasses are an older prescription, so I can't see as clearly with them, but I can't get new ones until my eyes clear up. I also can really only drive with sunglasses. I just got some cool new ones last week, too, but now until I can get a new glasses prescription next week (and maybe possibly get prescription sunglasses as well), I'll be stuck driving with a fugly plastic insert that goes on my nose behind my glasses. Boo. Oh well - again, I'm glad there's a solution for the blurry vision, so I'll be grateful for that. And hopefully by Christmas I can wear my contacts again.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Another adult step

So, aside from moving to Texas, changing work environments completely, getting knocked up, taking another bar exam and everything else going on this year, we have also decided to embark on another "adult" step in our lives, and buy a house :) I did end up giving up on the dream house ideal, but given the restricted universe of 1970s suburban ranch houses we became limited to, I'm very happy about the house we did find. It has been very well maintained (which doesn't stop me from wanting to redo the bathrooms - I already understand the homeowner's impulse to upgrade) and it has a pool, which is great. That would never make sense in Ohio, but in my first six months in Texas, we've already had unbroken week-long strings of 95+ degree days several times. When the swimming season lasts for a full six months at least, I think this will be a lot of fun to have. (Another future home improvement, though, will be a pool fence once the kid is old enough to be mobile.)

Closing went pretty well. It was my first residential closing, and of course also the first closing where I was signing the loan documents, not drafting them for someone else to sign. The title commitment and survey came in first, and I marked up the title commitment the way I usually do. The only exception documents were the subdivision covenants, which were interesting. I deleted most of the survey exceptions since even the limited, ca. 1986 survey didn't show any required exceptions, if the title company was going to accept it. They didn't provide the deed, so I asked for that. The title officer wrote me back and cracked me up by saying something along the lines of, "Yes, here is the 'vesting deed' you requested." I'm guessing they don't get many requests for these, but hey, it's due diligence to check. She also told me "we don't do 'proformas' for non-commercial closings under $500,000." Which makes perfect sense, and you only learn by asking. I did appreciate that she revised the title commitment for me, though, and did delete the survey exceptions. I just couldn't stop laughing at the quote marks around "proforma" and "vesting deed." I think she wanted to pat me on the head while she was at it.

I read over the closing docs on Tuesday night when the title company sent them and had to keep fighting off the urge to mark up the (draconian) deed of trust with my comments. No negotiating at this end of the spectrum: I am the little guy. The bank is the big guy. They set all the terms, take them or leave them. I did make sure to put in no prepayment penalties ahead of time, and declined escrow, which helped some with closing costs. It was still the single biggest check I've ever drawn (or expect to draw) on my bank account. And our estimated costs for the things we'd like to do later on this summer when we move in - like scrape all the glitter popcorn ceilings (que?) - is pretty high also. But, that's what we've been saving for, right? And this a long term investment, not in terms of any intended economic return, but in terms of building a place to settle in and raise our family. So I think it'll all work out :) But I'm still planning to pick up any extra needed furniture on Craigslist - so don't worry, I've still got the "cheap" instinct.

Friday, June 13, 2008

There can only be one

Sitting at work yesterday morning - trying to review a few surveys and keep up with the massive amounts of email coming in for this New York deal - I felt this 'pop - pop' feeling a bit lower than where you would normally feel gas bubbles. It was an odd realization, that the movements I have been on the lookout for had suddenly arrived (or I was suddenly aware of them - maybe I missed them earlier on). But I think that is the official "quickening" that you always read about. Since then, I feel pretty constantly aware that there is something doing somersaults down there. It's pretty crazy. I have always wondered what this felt like - what can it possibly be like to feel something moving around independently in your abdomen? - and now that it has happened it surprisingly doesn't feel all that strange. When I saw my stomach moving a bit this morning, though, that was strange. I think it only gets more like "Alien" as you go along, right? Because eventually I'll be able to see elbows and knees and shifting around pretty clearly. Crazy.

Except for all the tiredness and indigestion, this has been a pretty good pregnancy by any measure so far. I am pretty excited about the upcoming ultrasound in a few weeks. Last time they did one, the baby was the size of a kidney bean. My disappeared waist is testimony it's already a lot bigger than that now! (I'm going to have to abandon my nice darted button-down work blouses from here on out, I think - the one I had on today was stretching too much. Boo.)