Friday, July 25, 2008

Final countdown: T minus 29 days

I'll try to make this the last post about bugs, but I can't help it. I'm just disgusted by it, and counting down the days until I can move into our new house (with which, the sellers told me, they almost never have had bug problems). Every morning I either get completely dressed before coming downstairs, or if staying in pajamas, at least freshen up and make use of the flip flops I leave at the bottom of the stairs. I don't like walking around barefoot down here in the mornings or not having contacts in glasses on, in case any roaches happen to be scurrying away or lying belly-up in the middle of the floor when I flip on the kitchen lights. So what happened this morning? I came down the stairs (dressed and with shoes on) to see that a roach had walked onto my flip flop before flipping over and dying. Yeah, good morning to you, too, sweetie. I'm calling the exterminator again.

Note: If my in-laws are reading this, my house is PERFECTLY CLEAN and I am glad you're coming this weekend. You really shouldn't have any problems! And we have bug spray if you do :) (You lived in New Orleans once, I hope you understand.)

EDIT: Turns out the bug was not quite dead yet. But it was stone dead in a moment.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vanity of vanities

Reading this post and comments from a "mommy blogger" about children's oh-so-humbling effects on their post-pregnant moms just makes me cringe. And then laugh. I will confess I'm not humble enough yet to be sanguine about the weight gain thing - but it'll come, I have no doubt, as this little guy only gets bigger: