Wednesday, August 06, 2008

All Favre, all the time

A few weeks ago, ESPN added a "Favre" category to its league scrolls. That's right . . . NFL, NCAA, AL, NL, FAVRE. Good grief. What is up with the worshipfulness? (My favorite quote from Al Michaels last year is recounted in this post.) And this summer, it's for a guy who did in fact retire in March and has just been jerking around his former team for over a month now. I'm not the only one who can't possibly roll my eyes any more. Joe Sports Fan has posted some very funny limited-edition trading cards of People Who Love Brett Favre. (Warning: some minor vulgarity.) Oh, ESPN just bumped Baseball Tonight for the BREAKING NEWS! that Favre has been traded to the Jets. I hope he has fun in Jersey (what am I saying? - of course he will, he's always "just having fun out there!"). I'm sure Peter King will at the Meadowlands every week and they'll be very happy together.

(Meanwhile, in my team news, J.T. O'Sullivan (who? exactly) will be starting the preseason for the 49ers Friday. Should be another fun season :)

Cape Town Bound

I made a happy discovery last Tuesday - Ewan McGregor (he of my ongoing minor crush) and Charley Boorman did another cross-continental motorcyle trip last year ("Long Way Down"), this time from Scotland to South Africa, and it's just starting to be aired in the U.S. on Fox Reality Channel. I never heard of the channel until I stumbled across it last week, but again, it was fortuitous because Thursday night there was a one-night-only showing of a two-hour cut of the series in movie theatres. One was in Dallas, so we headed off to watch what, as expected, turned out to be another highly entertaining documentary by the pair. I particularly enjoyed when they stopped at the Tatooine set in Tunisia and took pictures like a regular pair of tourists excited to be at a movie set - except Ewan was on the posters on the wall, too. (I don't think he ever actually filmed any scenes in Tunisia, since the last scene of Episode III added him in later.) He later poked fun at himself by saying he had rather arrogantly assumed he'd be mobbed. "I found it very amusing. I didn't get recognised once! I was going up to people, you know, doing the Obi Wan Kenobi voice, and I put a beard on, but still nothing. I was so gutted!" Heh. It was also cool when they saw a baby gorilla in Zambia. Can't wait to watch the extended series over the next few weeks.